Dog eating stool

People prefer to not bring this question up, but believe it or not, it is commonly asked anyway.


Stool eating may be caused by one or more of several different things.


  1. Learned behavior from mom.  Mom cleans the puppies and the pen and the puppies imitate mom as they are growing up and continue the behavior almost from birth.  This behavior is very tough to break and requires training.
  2. The dog doing the stool eating is deficient in something…
    1. Probiotics or Enzymes that they are trying to recover from the stool.  For one reason or another the dog needs more probiotics and enzymes to help digest their food and they try to make use of what is sloughed off in the stool.  If this is the case use either Dogzymes Digestive Enhancer or Dogzymes Probiotic Max.
    2. This is often seen in growing puppies, they are not getting enough usable protein in their diet.  If this is the case they need more meat in their diet.  There are any number of reasons causing this, most commonly due to the lack of usable meat protein in commercial kibbles however some raw diets that focus on too much bone will cause the same problem.  For help with this see our user friendly Homemade Diet Card.
    3. Trace Minerals or Vitamins.  Some dogs may be deficient in vitamins or trace minerals and again, they are trying to recover these from what is lost in the stool.  In this case a good quality Vitamin/Mineral supplement like Dogzymes Ultimate or Dogzymes Complete will take care of the problem.
  3. The dog whose stool is being eaten is not digesting or absorbing their meals properly.  This usually happens with older dogs who need help processing their food but it may also happen if you have a dog who has been on antibiotics or other medication for a while.  If you notice a dog or dogs specifically eating a certain dogs stool, then this dog needs help.  This dog needs to be on either the Dogzymes Digestive Enhancer or the Dogzymes Probiotic Max.

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